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Do you use Odoo but have trouble setting up your accounting on Odoo?
ATIPRIME was born from the combination of 15 years of 
experience on Odoo with expertise in bookkeeping and accounting.

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ATIPRIME a guarantee of Quality

Using the services of one of our professionals for your bookkeeping on Odoo will allow you to free yourself from repetitive tasks and thus have more time to devote to the problems and needs of your business as well as to strategic decision.

This will promote the growth of the latter and maximize the achievement of your results.

In addition, we have within our staff a team of CPAs (Chartered Professional Accountants) able to answer complex accounting questions on Odoo as well as resolving issues as they arise and review the accounting records for quality and accuracy.

Our team of accounting technicians and CPAs will provide you with accurate and secure financial data.

 ATIPRIME offers its services for all sectors

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